A Letter To A Friend


“Dear friend,

I write this because I love you. I want you to have the best that the universe has to offer.

As you wait here, poised at the divide between monotony and excitement, perhaps you feel your adventure is just going to begin.

Well, I hope you have many adventures. I pray they take you far and wide – to places as yet unseen, unheard and unfelt.

I pray you travel. Yes, I’m sure you’ll travel to new places and beautiful places. Open your eyes wide, but see with your heart. Your feet will take you everywhere you want to go, but your soul will take you to the places you need to go. I believe you will be unafraid to open yourself to the adventures within you. They are the most beautiful of all.

Moments may overwhelm you to such a degree that you may find yourself reaching for a camera to capture as much as you can. Do remember though, a camera can not smell, hear, touch or feel. Only you can do that.

Perhaps you aim to reach for the extraordinary. It may be better, instead, to realise the extraordinary within the ordinary. When you stand at the start of a new chapter, you see it as an exciting story, as yet untold. When you reminisce about a chapter from your past, you see it as an intricate, precious memory. Yet when you live your story from moment to moment, you feel a certain kind of boredom.

It is worth reminding yourself that what appears to be monotonous is an adventure within itself. I hope you learn to feel to such depths that you never thought you were capable of feeling.

Significantly, I pray you see that adventure need not lie outside of you or your house or your city or your country or out of this world. Adventure has little to do with geography. May you cultivate a spirit of adventure so strong that you see one in everything you do.

Today, look at the smile of a loved one. See each line on their face. See also the pain. I hope you learn.

And learn to see true beauty and learn to see true ugliness. Although I hope you don’t come across people who are ugly, the reality, unfortunately, is that you may. They may seem beautiful of spirit, and they may put on a façade. Learn to discern what is genuine. Genuine will always be beautiful.

Ugly people may begrudge you your adventures. They may try to extradite you to their own adventures. You may not even be aware of this at the time. Therefore, I hope you have an eye on the big picture as well. Do not be afraid to ask yourself big questions. Even if you don’t know what you want, I pray you are sure of what you don’t want.

Perhaps most crucial of all, I urge you to never reach for what is convenient over what is right for you. I pray you have the wisdom and courage to know when you must stand with a crowd and when to stand alone.

I’m sure you will have many friends who will love you plenty. But remember to love yourself most of all.

Love yourself most of all.

This is not being self-centered. This is necessary.

Serve your own happiness before anybody else’s. But remember too, that true happiness lies in the service of others. I implore you to be humble in everything you do. Only then can you become confident.

Often in your worst times, you may be harsh with yourself. We judge ourselves so frequently. Maybe some of us even hate ourselves. I beseech you to be your own best friend. We tend not to tolerate harsh words from anybody. Then why do we tolerate such words from ourselves?

Finally, I suggest you be unafraid of being with yourself. A private moment should be had from time to time so that you are not apprehensive of knowing the one person you can ever hope to fully know in this world.

In this endeavour, I have come to realise that letters to oneself can be the best tools.

My dearest friend, I have written this to you because I love you most of all.”


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