Hi there, and thank you for stopping by Green Heart Green Soul. 

We are an online magazine dedicated to simple and natural living, using natural remedies for beauty, skin care and holistic wellness. We also write content about personal & holistic development, self-care and productivity.

Green Heart Green Soul is managed and run by a small team of creative, passionate folk who care about experiencing a different way of life.

In fact, our natural wellness magazine began as a small blog where we wrote about managing emotions, conflicts and challenges. It was a way of processing things going on in our lives which we couldn’t otherwise give voice to.

To our surprise, we found that our articles (which we were writing as little more than self-therapy) began to resonate with other people. That’s when we began writing about holistic wellness, herbs and natural remedies – as solutions to the physical problems that often accompany the mental stress of living a 21st century life.

Along with this, we also put out our thoughts on living responsibly in today’s environmentally-destructive world.

And thus was born Green Heart Green Soul. 

Essentially, our passion for people, nature and the Earth is what drives us.

And we’ve realised through our journey with Green Heart Green Soul, that this is a wonderful way of reaching people who are interested in achieving similar goals and aims as us – so that ideas can be shared all around and each of us can help the other.

Feel free to reach out to us at sha@greenheartgreensoul.com. We love hearing from people all corners of the world.

Wishing you lots of love & joy,

Team Green