Basic Gardening Tools Every Beginner Gardener NEEDS (No-Frills)

Some tools you may need as a beginner gardener


Gardening is an enriching, refreshing hobby. It aligns you with nature and helps you retain some peace of mind. It’s incredibly rewarding to see your garden flourish, and this is especially true if you have a veggie or fruit garden. And to be able to eat veggies you’ve harvested yourself is a lovely feeling.

Sometimes, getting started with gardening may seem like a daunting task. Just like anything else, it helps to start out small and just with the basics. You can always progress from there and build your skills.

One of the best things you can do to start out is to get yourself the correct tools to help you. It may seem overwhelming to see the array of gardening tools available and not really know where or how to begin. In the beginning, it’s important to select tools which are multipurpose and somewhat cost-effective. As your gardening know-how and experience build, you can look at more specialized tools (while those may help with your specific garden objectives, they are not necessary).

  1. Hori-Hori knife

This one from Amazon is cost-effective, corrosion and adhesive resistant, has both saw and knife edges, a weeding tip, measurement scale and twine cutter.

This multipurpose hand tool can be used to

  • Deweed, by slicing or pulling out weeds
  • Transplant and plant seeds
  • Harvest root crops.
  1. Hand Trowel

The hand trowel is a seriously versatile tool. Use it to

  • Dig out, mix and turn over soil
  • Scoop out compost and fertilizer
  • Plant and transplant
  • Remove weeds by derooting

This one is a great example (buy from Amazon).

  1. Gardening Scissors or Trimming Shears

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or expert, a good pair of gardening scissors or pruning shears are your best friend. This tool is a must-have if you want healthy plants. Pruning and shearing is one of the most important things you’re going to do in the garden.

  1. Shovel

A shovel is one of the absolute basics when you’re gardening. It’s your basic and versatile digging tool, but this one from Amazon is also exceptional as a deweeder as it forges through roots with ease (it doubles up as a digging bar, which is the tool traditionally used to dig out stumps and roots).

  1. Rake

The garden rake is another basic tool used for surface-level soil manipulation. Generally used to level out your soil and keep it free of debris.

This one from Amazon is of an adjustable length and the head of the rake is adjustable too, so that you can get into the tiniet of corners to the widest areas of your garden.

  1. Fork

While the shovel is used for earthmoving and the rake is used for surface-level manipulation, the garden fork is the tool primarily designed for sub-surface manipulation. Most gardeners use this tool to loosen and turn over the soil to improve aeration and soil quality. It’s the ideal tool for this, far more effective than the spade (which is more specialized for digging).

  1. Water Hose

While most gardeners would already have a water hose (hopefully!), this has been included on the list because it’s singularly the most important tool necessary for any garden to flourish.

  1. Sun Hat

While you’re out and about in the garden, it’s very necessary to protect yourself. A sun hat or any wide-rimmed hat is an absolute essential.

Try this great unisex example – it comes in 4 color variants too.

  1. Gloves

These garden gloves are ideal because they are breathable, yet tough enough to ensure protection. Make sure you get a pair like this before working with your soil!

  1. Knee Pads

When you get into gardening, not only will you have to get down and get your hands dirty, but your knees too! The very fun of gardening is in being one with nature and really just getting down to it. But remember to protect your knees from dirt and injury by getting yourself a movable knee pad for both your knees like this or individual kneepads you can wear over your knees like this!

  1. Gardening Boots

It’s important to have the right protective footwear when you’re doing any work outdoors. Gardening boots should be able to withstand at least the most basic elements such as sun and rain. Getting a good quality pair of boots is key.


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