Bay Leaf Benefits for Frizz-free, Shiny, Smooth Hair & Scalp Issues

Bay Leaf Benefits for Hair

Bay Leaf is a miracle natural ingredient with numerous benefits for our skin, hair, and overall health. While it’s traditionally used as a spice in Asian cuisines and no doubt, is a powerful force against diseases when consumed internally, the humble bay leaf has a host of topical benefits too!

Bay Leaf Benefits for Hair

In this post, let’s explore some ways you can use it for shiny, soft, manageable hair. We do this through bay leaf “tea”, decoctions, tinctures, or simple ground bay leaf powder!

(Remember though, before any first-time use of natural ingredients, please do a patch test or consult a doctor to make sure you aren’t allergic! This is important.)

1. Bay Leaf Hair Infusion – for Shiny, Glossy Hair

Take 2-3 large bay leaves and let these sit in a bottle of olive oil. Try to make sure your bottle is glass, and it sits in a cool, dark place. Let it infuse for a minimum of 7 days.

Depending on the length and volume of your hair, use 2-3 teaspoons of this oil. Massage it into your scalp, as well as through the hair + the ends of your hair. Make sure your hair is fully coated in the oil and keep this bay leaf infused oil on you for at 30 minutes before your shower.

Use a clarifying, deep moisturizing shampoo after this treatment. Repeat every week to see results in a month or so.

If you have oily hair however, one of the other methods listed below of incorporating bay leaf into your hair and shower routine might be better.

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2. Bay Leaf Tea Hair Wash – an Anti-Dandruff Treatment

Many of us deal with chronic dandruff but using this bay leaf ‘tea’ really helps!

All you have to do is grind 2-3 dried bay leaves into a powder and add this to a saucepan of boiling water. Keep stirring until well infused. Allow the bay leaf solution to cool and then rinse out your whole hair with this, before your regular shampoo. Make sure you massage the solution into your scalp.

3. Potent Bay Leaf Powder – Helps with Lice!

If you struggle with lice or mild scalp itches and infections, bay leaf powder can come to the rescue! Simply grind 2-3 big dried bay leaves into a powder and add this powder to an oil of choice (for example, extra virgin coconut oil). Make this into a paste consistency and let sit for 15-30 minutes and massage into the scalp thoroughly.

Wash it off with a clarifying shampoo, and repeat this treatment every 2-3 days till all the lice is gone.

The bay leaf powder in this mixture aids in getting rid of lice and any other issues in the scalp (such as mild fungal infections and so on).

4. Bay Leaf Compress – for Smoother Hair

While some people claim to have straighter hair too as a result of frequent bay leaf compresses, we find that smoother, more manageable hair, with less frizz and flyaways, can be an achievable result as a result of this bay leaf compress.

Simply boil 5-6 bay leaves (dried Bay leaves please!) in water for about 15-20 minutes – the amount of water ideally depends on the length/thickness of your hair. We suggest starting with a less concentrated ratio of bay leaves to water when you’re starting out, just to minimise the chances of any reactions! (Remember to do a patch test before trying anything new.)

Once you have this ready, let it sit till it’s cool enough. Then, use this solution as a compress in your hair – we suggest wrapping your hair in a towel and letting it be for another 20-30 minutes (again, start small just to stay safe!). Finally, simply wash it off as you usually wash your hair with shampoo!

5. Relaxant and Mood Lifter

Any of the ways you leaf bay leaf in your hair routine will ensure you have the most relaxing and uplifting shower. Trust me on this one, using bay leaf concoctions for hair solutions also has the added effect of calming me and rejuvenating me after a stressful, tiring day. Don’t trust me? Try it out yourself!

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