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benefits of strawberry for hair

The benefits of strawberries for hair, health and skin often go unnoticed. Packed with Vitamin C and essential Omega 3’s and minerals such as copper and magnesium, strawberries are ideally suited to helping with hair issues such as dry hair, hair loss & thinning, dandruff and more.

So go ahead and include this power-packed fruit in your diet but also try out these strawberry hair masks for yourself!

Strawberry Hair Masks: Recipes & How to Use

Now as with all ingredients, I urge you to do a patch test before using. I’ve tried these three strawberry masks on my own hair and each time, I’ve felt a different effect on me. Hope one or all of these can help you out too!

benefits of strawberry for hair
what are the benefits of strawberry for hair?

1. Strawberry + creamy yogurt + mint leaves/curry leaves

This mask is extremely nourishing and moisturizing. Both the strawberry and the yogurt give dry hair the necessary moisture and smoothness, but the real kicker is in the mint or curry leaves.

Both these plants offer a whole host of benefits to the hair and trust me when I say adding these two to not just this mask but also your diet is going to help you with growing thick, long and strong hair. It will also prevent breakage.

strawberry hair masks for smooth, shiny, frizz-free hair
  1. Take 1/4 cup of strawberries and blitz it to a pulp in your blender.
  2. Add an equal proportion of yogurt (the creamier the better).
  3. In the blender, next blitz your curry or mint leaves into a paste. Add 1-2 tablespoons of the paste to the mix and voila!

You have your very own hydrating, nourishing strawberry hair mask!

Do remember to adjust the quantities as per the length and volume of your hair!

2. Strawberry + honey + lemon

If you’ve ever suffered from an itchy scalp or scalp infections or even dandruff, this mask might really benefit you. This is a purifying and cleansing strawberry mask for your hair.

  1. Take 1/4 cup of strawberries and mash/grind to a pulp.
  2. Add in 2tbsp of honey (pure raw honey works best) & 1tbsp of lemon juice.

Now this hair mask also has the potential of dying your hair a bit lighter as honey and lemon are natural bleaching agents.

Therefore, you may not want to keep this mask on for more than 10-15 minutes, and I suggest not sitting out in the sun with the mask.

The honey and strawberry pulp in this mask will ensure the mask stays hydrating despite the lemon juice (which is more of a drying agent) – but in any case, depending on your hair type, you might want to wash it off with a more hydrating shampoo.

3. Strawberry + olive oil

This strawberry mask is the most moisturizing one of all the strawberry masks for hair discussed in this article. So for all my dry hair ladies (and gents and everyone in the middle!), this could be your go-to mask.

Simply, we pulp strawberries in equal proportion with extra virgin olive oil. For my waist length hair, I use 1/4 cup of each and I’m able to get my scalp as well as all my strands well coated with the mask.

Wash this off with a great clarifying shampoo and trust me, your hair is going to thank you for it!

Which of the above strawberry hair masks will you be trying? Let me know how it goes in the comments below!

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