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Understand dandruff to be able to treat it. 1

A Complete Guide to Dandruff

  Dealing with dandruff begins with an understanding of what it is and why it happens. Let’s begin with asking – What is dandruff? Basically, dandruff is the accumulation of dead cells from the...

Natural remedies to apply topically as well as diet to help with dandruff. 0

Natural Remedies for Dandruff

To begin managing dandruff, it is crucial to understand it at its core. To read Part 1 of the Dandruff series, go here. Now, while the scientific research exploring diet and dandruff is limited,...

The Ideal Diet for Improving Immunity 0

Top Foods to Boost Your Immune System (A COMPLETE Guide)

Because eating the right diet is always better for immunity than loading up on supplements. The Immune System does a remarkable job of keeping us healthy, fit and happy. But very often, amongst the...