Cute Fall and Winter-Inspired Decor Elements that are Cheap and Easy to Get

Cute winter decorations you'll love!


With fall and winter on, check out these cute little decor ideas that are cheap and adorable! Some of these are highly functional decor elements, and others would just be cute additions to your home that are perfect for the cold season.

  1. Votive Candle/Tealight Holder

These gorgeous, laser-cut holders can hold both votive candles and tealights. And they’re silver – just a perfect color for winter, according to me.

  1. Rustic Lantern with 12 slides

If you prefer something more “old-world”, check out this piece – it includes a hurricane light with 12 changeable fall, winter and spring themes slides. The flameless light inside comes included in the set.

  1. Firewood holder and fireplace tools kit

Whether you have an indoor fireplace or an outdoor firepit, this is a wonderful décor element and is also a great space saver! This vertical firewood holder features two metal shelves and hooks, and comes complete with all the tools you need for your fireplace.

  1. Plaid Warm Throw Blanket

I love décor pieces with real functional value, and this light, fleece blanket is another one of these great pieces. Plaid, warm, fuzzy and soft, this is a beautiful accent piece for your sofa. It’s great for use on cozy winter evenings on the couch or for travel. It comes in 4 sizes (goes up till a full queen size for your bed).

  1. Hanging Burlap Snowman for Outdoors

This adorable hanging snowman is the absolute most adorable décor piece on this entire list! Hang this cute burlap piece outside your front door to spread some cute winter vibes. Comes in three different designs and colours.

  1. Heat control decorative film

This is yet another functional piece that’s also a beautiful decorative item. It blocks out the cold in winter and the heat in summer, helping you cut down on your electric bills and also protects your home from UV and prying eyes. Comes in two different kinds of gorgeous mosaic, and both allow for light to come inside. The best thing about this is that it’s glue-free, that means you can easily peel it off your windows when you don’t want it.

  1. Winter Forest Decoration – can be used as a Bowl Filler, for Wrapping Presents or DIY Winter Crafts

This little decorative winter forest-inspired set is perfect for any kind of DIY crafts, party or wedding decorations, or simply in a glass bowl in your living room or kitchen.

  1. Throw Pillow Cases

I love these cute blue cushion covers that are just perfect for this time of year. Get these if you want that “winter-vibe” in your living space, work space or the bedroom.

  1. Curtain Icicle Lights

Yes, dainty yellow fairy lights are beautiful, but winter calls for these gorgeous blue “icicle” lights. Hang these up on your curtains for a party or even just to brighten up a gloomy winter evening inside. Comes with  different lighting modes.

  1. Hanging snowflake swirl decorations

Beautiful for any winter wonderland or Christmas themed party. This decorative set comes with snowflakes and metallic swirls separate, and with attached hooks so that you can hang them down from anywhere. A great perk up to your winter party decorations!

  1. Snowflake wall decal stickers for windows

This decal set is adorable; 10 different styles of snowflake decals in different sizes, and snow dots too. 6 sheets of these are included and the best part? These don’t have glue, so they don’t leave residue on your windows AND these are totally reusable. Just save the backing paper that these come in and use them every year!

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