The Many Uses of Boroline

A mildly antiseptic, highly moisturising multi-purpose ointment, Boroline is the go-to solution for minor cuts, scrapes, dry skin etc. in most Indian homes.

Boroline is a mildly antiseptic, highly moisturising multi-purpose ointment. This little green tube is found in most Indian homes as the go-to solution for minor cuts, scrapes, dry skin etc because every family knows how effective Boroline is for wounds, scars and burns.

Read on to find out the many ways this humble ointment can be used…

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  1. As a great foot cream

Boroline is the perfect remedy for dry feet and cracked heels. Just slather a dollop of ointment all over your feet, focusing on the cracked or dry parts. Do this before bed, put some socks on and wake up to healthy feet. Many of us also have minor cuts for which Boroline us super effective.

  1. Intense moisturiser for dry, cracked lips, elbows, knees

This cream works best for the driest parts of your body. It heals chapped lips very effectively. For best use, put it all over your lips at night before sleeping. It’s also beneficial for scrapes and wounds on knees.

  1. For minor cuts and scrapes

Boric acid powder is a mild anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Boroline can be used on minor cuts and scrapes where the wound has nearly closed, to hasten healing. Boroline is not suggested for open or “weeping” wounds.

  1. As a hand cream

If you want to wake up to baby soft and healthy hands, Boroline can be used as a hand cream too. This is more so if you suffer from a skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis. Boroline is super helpful for dry cuticles too.

  1. Heal sunburn and scars

Minor sunburns can be soothed with Boroline. If you have a long-standing, stubborn scar that just won’t seem to go, you can try using Boroline. No need to burn through your pockets to find a super expensive scar treatment gel.

Apply this multiple times a day and the scar fades in anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the severity of the scar. Boroline is a super effective scar remover.

I had the worst, most embarrassing scar on my upper lip and nothing except this little miracle ointment worked. I just applied Boroline multiple times a day to it and the scar was gone in two weeks.

6. Boroline for Burns and Scalds

Another additional benefit to Boroline is that it is super soothing and healing when applied to first-degree burns (mostly kitchen burns etc). Run the affected part under cold water and without drying it, just liberally apply Boroline to the burn/scald and the surrounding area. Keep reapplying the Boroline as and when required over the next few days.

You might be surprised to see no scar even after the burn has healed!


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