This Coconut Oil Hack SAVED My Skin

Coconut oil has saved my skin and it doesn't even take 5 minutes to do this hack. Dry skin, Kertosis Pilaris skin girls, read on!

Winter and spring have come and gone and no matter what I used, my skin never really felt moisturized. (Is it just me or is moisturizing a pretty big pain anyway?)

I also have a mild problem with little ingrowns, especially on my legs. And loads of little Keratosis Pilaris spots too. If you don’t know anything about the annoying ol’ KP aka “strawberry legs” problem, this little article tells you exactly what it is, no frills.

So seeing as the season of shorts is approaching, I figured I just had to do something. Try something new, perhaps.

A friend of mine spoke of how she uses coconut oil on her body after her shower and how it’s the best moisturizer ever. Well…call me crazy, but I didn’t really want to slather on oodles of oil after I took a shower. It just feels a bit gross to me. Oil attracts dirt and who wants to have dirty skin after taking a shower?

So I decided I wanted to flip it on its head.

My Method

I got myself a tub of extra virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil like this one:

And I put it all over me first, and then had a shower as I usually do. When I put it on, I set aside 5 minutes for rubbing and kneading it all over me instead of just superficially applying it.

Not only has it been a wonderfully relaxing process to give yourself a small, 5-minute massage every morning, it’s also giving me pretty fantastic results.

My skin is supple, feels moisturized and looks glowy without any feeling at all of greasiness or oiliness. And for the cherry on top, my Keratosis Pilaris is SO much better.

I can’t say it’s completely gone. But it’s a whole lot better. It’s giving me hope that if I continue this treatment, it might go away completely.

An additional benefit is also that I just feel good. I feel good about me and my body. I don’t know what that feeling is, but maybe it’s just a positive emotion arising out of me paying a little bit more attention to myself than what I have been doing for so many years. Maybe it’s just that, but I start my mornings off in a body-positive way and I’m loving that aspect too.

If You Have Extra Dry Skin on Some Parts of Your Body Like Me…

…then use this (very cheap) little guy along with the Coconut Oil for fan-freakin’-tastic results! Not kidding.

Boroline has been used for decades in India as a must-have household product. It has so many benefits (which PLEASE you should totally read about), but what I love best about it is it’s insane moisturizing ability. It’s for those absolutely stubborn rough patches on your skin that just don’t listen to anything else.

For most people, it’s elbows, knees, feet and the like.

I have really, really, really dry hands because I have to CONSTANTLY be washing them.

All that’s completely gone now becayse of Boroline.

Try it out and I promise you, you’re going to thank me.

And Finally, If You Need A Little Extra Exfoliation…

…then to your coconut oil, just add a teaspoon or two of baking powder. Baking soda is such an effective exfoliator and it’s a common kitchen ingredient so it’s safe and readily available anywhere and everywhere.

And because we’re using it with coconut oil, we’re intrinsically ensuring that there’s no harsh exfoliation for our skin.

Anyone with KP would know how important it is to mildly exfoliate skin along with ensuring moisture. This has been the perfect solution for me. I add in the baking soda twice a week when I apply coconut oil to my legs.

The results have been wonderful.

I strongly recommend trying out coconut oil this way. Let me know how it goes for you in the comments!


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