Let me tell you a little bit about my hair type – thick, loose waves, Frizz Frizz Frizz.

This hair mask that I made with natural ingredients makes my hair softer, silkier and shinier too.

It’s like getting the younger sister of a keratin treatment for a tiny fraction of the cost (and time!).

I think everyone out there can try it. And you should definitely see for yourself if it’s worth the time for your hair. There’s also just two super cheap ingredients to it. Here’s what you’ll need:

Flax seeds (it’s better to get the organic kind, like this from Amazon) – 1/2 cup
Water – 2 cups
(OPTIONAL) Oil of choice – olive/coconut/almond/jojoba/vitamin E extract etc – 1-2 tbsp
(OPTIONAL) Essential oil of choice – 1-2 drops

The oil is for extra conditioning and the essential oil is for fragrance; both are optional since the flax seed mask doesn’t actually have a smell anyway and it’s also quite moisturising by itself. But do add some oil if you have very dry hair like me.

Also, you can vary the quantities according to your hair length and thickness.

Now, I soak the flax seeds in about a cup of water overnight. Next morning, I add another cup of water to it and then boil it. I keep stirring in the time it takes to boil, and soon after it starts to bubble up, you’ll notice that the water begins to thicken into a gel like consistency.

That’s the time you take it off boil. Immediately strain the gel into a clean bowl (if you wait till it cools, it’ll harden up and that’s a nightmare to strain!)

Also, immediately clean up the utensils that have some of the gel residue; that stuff hardens up and makes cleaning a nightmare too.

Let the gel cool down till it’s about lukewarm, and start slathering that stuff on you hair and scalp (NOTE: pre-slathering, you may add the optionals; I usually put a few tablespoons of almond oil in there).

By the way, this is the important step. You have to make sure every strand of your hair is coated from root to tip. Also make sure your entire scalp gets this stuff.

To do this, I divide my hair into four or five sections and then do each section at a time, pinning the others up.

Once I’m done with that, I’ll use a clean comb and just run it through all my hair.

If you care for a straighter look, make sure you don’t tie it up or make a bun at this stage. Let it remain straight down after combing through. In fact you can keep combing it through till the gel hardens up (usually about 20-30 minutes for me).

Once dry, you can wash your hair using your normal shampoo (I don’t use conditioner even though I have mad frizz – that’s how great this mask is).

This is amazing for my hair so it’s the one thing where I try not to be my Lazy Girl self and actually do it like 2 times a week (feel free to do it 3 times or more, if you have the motivation). The more consistent you are with it, the better your hair gets with time.

In fact, one of my friends doesn’t even feel the need to flat iron her hair anymore (NOTE: the mask does not make your hair poker straight, but it does smoothen hair with regular use).

So do you think you’re going to try this? Let me know how it works out for your hair…I really hope you get the great results I did. Click pictures of you hair and tag me on Instagram if you try it 🙂

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