Top Benefits of Having Indoor Plants (It’s So Easy To Do!)

Indoor plants - beat stress and get productive!


Buildings are being made in increasingly modern, energy-efficient styles (which is wonderful). But indoor air pollution has recently become a reality, as has stress and a lack of tranquility not just in our workspaces but also in our homes.

Having inoor plants at home or at the office is an inexpensive and super effective way to bring us numerous important benefits.

  1. Improves the quality of air

As indoor air pollution soars, plants assume an even greater significance. While going for air purifiers has become common, plants are more convenient, cost-effective and add a lot more to a room than purifiers.

Plants lower CO2 and decrease the level of certain pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, benzene etc. which may arise from modern-day building materials and even from seemingly innocuous things like carpets.

They also reduce dust and increase humidity in dry weather inside.

  1. Psychological Benefits

Studies have been done to identify the psychological benefits of indoor plants. They make us calmer, reduce stress and create a feeling of harmony and well-being. On an instinctual level, we feel better when we are close to greenery. Research shows we are far more productive and efficient with indoor plants.

  1. Prettier addition to decor

Adding some green (especially a few different shades of green) is a great decor element and can brighten up any room. It is a cost-effective, natural, fun and healthful way to pretty up and room with hardly any effort.

According to some Eastern schools of thought, adding life to a room leads to a much more tranquil atmosphere and keeps the energy flow positive.

  1. Having an indoor herb garden

While we’ve mainly focused on plants which improve the air or reduce stress, it’s also a wonderful idea to think in terms of having a little indoor herb garden in your kitchen or dining area.

Not only does it brighten and liven up the space, an herb garden can also double up as a great little medicinal garden to treat common family ailments, but it also has the benefit of offering you a perennial supply of fresh, organically grown herbs for cooking.

Aside from the bigger, tangible ways, Indoor plants benefit us in many subtle ways too. You can read more about which are the best indoor houseplants to have in each room next.


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